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Influencers are “a new black” in marketing and sales.

We provide a cutting-edge solution for this emerging trend.

Win customers back from marketplaces (Amazon, WB, etc)
Personalize message and engage with customers
Change branded video content into sales vehicle
Host shows, special events and much more
Industry overview

China is ahead and the world will follow


Brands set to spend on influencers by 2022

(according to Business Insider)

456M viewers, $4.4B in sales

Livestream shopping industry in China (according to Deloitte)

265M viewers
Watch a live video event per month in China
(according to WARC)

All of this with following features:

  • TikTok style vertical picture format,
  • User feedback and recommendations are gathered by left-right swipe,
  • 'How it was made' video stories and live chat.
About Obvious
Future of e-commerce
  • We are the first in Russia and one of the first in the World working solutions for brands to establish live-streaming sales.

  • Supported by - number 1 in re-streaming services worldwide, partner of YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitch and 30 more streaming platforms.

  • Best marketing and IT team members and advisors

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